Technology Engineer

Have you imagined it? I can make it come to life. Past experience includes software testing, Network Engineering and System Administration and over 15 years experience with App and Website development.

Problem Solver

Got Problems? The search is over. Nas Powers can solve even the most confusing equations with ease. With a B.S. in Computer Science and a Minor in Math, Nas has seen it all!

I Help People who Help People

With over 5 years of experience working with fifty of the largest Non-Profits in California, NasPowers has helped organizations become more Effective, Efficient and Secure.

My Portfolio

Network Engineer

Nas has plenty of Networking Engineering skills. Either helping with low voltage plans, or the actual implemtnaiton and configuration of hardware, NasPowers has done it!

Software Engineering

Mobile App Development, IOS. ShakeTecnologies. Known languages include XCode, Java, PHP, and MSVB.


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Cloud Specialist

Moving to the Cloud? Nas is a Migration Speacialist. Google Apps Certified and Onsite Server Adminstrator.


Born This Way Foundation, Lady Gaga, and TCE had a BornBrave convention. I worked with youth from across California to help with the Social Media Campagin, and olore.

Techie Since the 90's. Throwback.

Learned HTML in middle school, and was one of the pioneers of the web. This was a .

The Blog

San Francisco Giants win the MLB World Series

For Giants manager Bruce Bochy, this World Series win is certainly one to savor. It's San Francisco's second championship in the past three years and pus San Francisco on the map..

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